Project Managing Engineer

PM Roles and Responsibilities
The engineering project manager covers the technical management of variant projects for Automation Fixture/Fully Automation Line for consumer product. This involves leadership of a cross functional simultaneous engineering project team to cover some of technical aspects and business promotion section.
1. Customer Relationship Management and Business Development;
2. Lead team to study the RFP and provide DFM to client, Track, review and kick off the Project with client’s approval.
3. Project management for Automation fixture of consumer goods and making sample.
4. Following with client for sample improving during each stage till qualified for MP.
5. Acted as customer's communication windows and Projects' owner for overall project life cycle.
6. Projects' engineers daily administration management, work action allocation management):Projects resource and research standard document system management
7. Project's delivery, document transfer, customer personal traning and customer's verification.
8. Property management. Services and maintenances management after sales
9. Provide daily output report to client during P1,P2,EVT,DVT and MP.
Desired Skills and Experience
1. University degree or above, with automotive/electronic engineering background
2. Familiar with FATP Line process in EMS factory.
3. At least 3 to 5 years working experience in product management/Marketing/technical sales
4. Must Have experience in the automotive field and industry
5. Experience inside the diagnostic test equipment business.
6. Project management skills is plus
7. Fluent in English both written and oral
8. Able to initiate changes
9. Strong communication skills
10. Customer orientation
11. Team work capability, but also in the position to push the team forward
12. Good analytical skills, innovation skills and market sensitivity
13. High level of integrity
14. Able to work according to tight deadlines.

Resume delivery:

1. Resume recieving email: HR@eastwinsz.com

2. Recruitment website: www.liepin.com/www.zhaopin.com

3. Contact number: 0769-39026833-8065